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First of all are you absolutely certain you're eating 1850 calories? I know when I first started this I had to measure everything and was shocked to see what a 4oz piece of chicken looks like, a cup of cereal, 1/2 cup milk, etc., etc. If it were me, and only me, we all have to do what is best for ourselves, once I would determine that I was eating the 1850, I would drop my calories by 100 or so. I've been exercising like crazy, I walk between 3 and 4 miles a day, 6 days a week. And every day I do plenty of other stuff as well, like sit ups and leg lifts, arm work, dancing. And I'm staying under 1400 calories. With all that I have been losing about 2 lbs a week. Sometimes less. I find for me, just me, we're all different, that I can not lose at 1800+ calories. I don't go by what I'm "supposed" to be losing at. I go by what works for me. It's up to you, but you might wanna cut back on the calories a bit, see what happens. Trial and error. You'll figure it out. Good luck.
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