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Default What would your most important tips be for weight loss success?

Hi all,

I am surprised that this part of the board isn't the busiest one, what is more important then success after all? I thought it might be good to start a success thread and we can all add to it from our success. Of course, there is bound to be a lot of overlap but even that would be very helpful since commoness among people would success would be a strong positive indication that those things are probably cruical.

Ok so I will start...

1)Motivation . I think this is the backbone of success. I remeber thinking this time I am going to do it. I just made an ironclad promise to myself to change my food habits. I don't say this lightly, it is not easy to make an 'ironclad' promise to yourself, obviously, or everyone would do it. Getting to the stage where you can and what motivates that, I can not tell anyone else. But I wasn't so special, probably, I wanted to look better and feel better, prety standard huh? But I also got angry, damm freaking angry and being overweight and that was enough to let me make that promise to myself.

2)Drinking a lot of water and eating slower. I think eating slower is a big, big thing. It is amazing how much less you can eat if you eat slower. Please try it. I think a lot of overweight people simply 'outrace' the signs that they are full. And food tastes better.

3)Exercise Does wonders for your metabloism and for feeling great. I started slow but I kept up. Now I have the freedom to go all day and its marvelous. I feel like I have reclaimed my life.

Just a comment. I know those of you familiar with my posts can see I keep coming back to these standard weight loss things over and over and over and blah blah blah. But, darnit, aren't they really the key, perhaps the only key to losing weight? If Bob Greene read my post or even Richard Simmons wouldn't they be nodding their heads yes? I am starting this because it would be informative for everyone I think to put what was most important to them to help others and for me to see what else I can add to keep my weight off.


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