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Just wanted to pass on some info. I've been feeling really rotten with this cold and called my dr to see if there was anything I could take. Her nurse told me that WalMart has got a great pamphlet that tells you want medicines etc you can take during pregnancy. She said they even give them out at the dr's office, they are so informative. I don't know if they have them in the US (I'm in Canada) but they are a little wallet sized pamphlet that folds out and has all kinds of great info. Anyway it looks like most over the counter meds are ok as long as they are only taken for a few days. For example for allergies and colds you can take: chlortripolon, benadryl, salinex, otrivin, sudafed, robitussin plain and benalyn dm (for some brand name examples). I was so happy I got myself some cough syrup and I feel so much better already. This is a very handy pamphlet to have so if you are at WalMart someday see if they have them.
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