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Hello pg girlfriends!

It's 8 am and I could have slept in but the boys were up, so I just got up. It's seems that they like to make more noise until I am up...hmmmm. I feel sleepy though. Today is Presisdent's day and the boys are home from school--and DH is also home, yeaaaaah!

Sara, I know I sound whiney about gaining weight...well, okay not whiney but thoughtful about it. It helps me to verbalize it, outside of myself. I made a conscious decision to be very positive about the pregnancy by

1.)accepting compliments from other people which I admit, I sometimes have a hard time of doing.

2. Eating healthfully as possible, and continuing to follow the food pyrimid as a guide. I am hungry a lot lately, and I know that it is not psychological hunger. So, I am just going to choose as many "whole foods" as I possibly can..

3. Continuing with what I have been doing, exercising vigilantly throughout the pregnancy.

I was thinking about all of the things that I did right with my second son, and I had really high self esteem. I loved looking at my pregnant body--I really relished that feeling. So I have been thinking of how I can have that feeling now.

I know that it boils down to healthy eating and exercise. I don't mean that obsessively, but it was wonderful for me and the baby. You know, I did step aerobics the day #2 was born!

I'm not in the shape I was in 7 years ago, but I know that I am in okay shape despite having some extra weight to start out with. At my last appointment, it was recommended that I do not do the 3-Day this year. So, I am marathon training for labor and delivery and I have 7 months to do it in. I think that gives me plenty of time to make some progress.

I am very lucky, because DH is so loving and supportive as a husband. He loves my body...and I have the comfort of knowing that.

Anyway, I ended up buying 2 books yesterday that I really like a lot.

The first is called "The Pregnancy Diet: A Healthy Weight Control Program for Pregnant Women" By Eileen Behan R.D.
It is good in the sense that it's like weight watchers in terms of the food pyrimid and serving sizes. The book is NOT a diet in the losing weight sense, which is very good. And there are also some recipes in it.

The other book is called, The Pregnancy Book: Month-by-Month, Everyting you Need to Know From America's Baby Experts.
It is by William and Martha Sears.
I really like the depth of the book, and it will be very helpful as the months progress. There is even a section about those of us who are starting out heavier than average. I found it a very positive resourse to have. They say that if your BMI is high, you can actually continue to gain pregnancy weight but lose body fat after the delivery. Essentially you are losing weight safely (even though you are technically gaining. It seems to be about the types of foods that you eat and how they are used in the body as optimal nutrition for you and the baby while you are actually able to decrease your body fat. I find it interesting in theory, and I intend on following it up when I go see the Doctor on March 6th.
I'm sure this is what happened with my second child because I ate so well, and exercised on a regular basis.

Well, I suppose that I should stop. I just wanted to say thanks for caring about my concerns. You are absolutely right. I am going to be fine, and I really do accept that I am going to gain weight. My goal is to keep a positive attitude and stay healthy and balanced.

I hope everyone has had a great weekend and will have a wonderful week!

Did you go check out my link to the website? It is really cool! Just click on the link in my previous post, it'll take you there. Then click on the pictures there. It is really wonderful, I promise!

Scully and bellybean

P.S. Does anyone watch the X-Files?

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