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So does that make three of us on number three or are there more out there?????

Well scully, I suggest you go with how you feel and if you feel that it really is not right talk to a midwife at the hospital you plan on going to or insist that your doctor take you more seriously.
Being brown blood-is it light or heavy is it staining your knickers or just appearing when you go to the loo? there are lots of things like does it happen after passing a stool (the nicest way i could put that)? In our progressive pregnancies we usually get a lot more discharge then with the first but I know how freaky it is when its blood!!But as i said trust your self it is your body if you are not happy let your G P know..
I would not be too concerned to an obsesive point about your weight that may be what is aiding your morning sickness. Any way "i am strong, I am invinsable, I am Woman". a pregnant woman is always beautiful ,I think so - they have a growing miracle in their womb, somthing that is going to be so special and not one will ever be exactly the same and never could be..

I ramble a lot. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sara B - The way you wrote it sounded like it might have been a possibility. Well good luck.. Are you one of the lucky ones that have one of each or are you hopping number three is the odd one out (thats what I am going for , A girl but i shant get to stuck on the idea in case it isnt)

Jen sorry I cant suggest much for your flu except vicks vecks drops and Eucalyptus oil, And probably a visit to the doc Swollen glands doesn't sound to good there are antibiotics that are safe during pregnancy and relaxation if and when you can...

Well feeling a lot off colour today the smell of meat pies cooking in the oven really got to me yesterday made me ill for the rest of the day. I think i am a little dehydrated today I was fine until i was walking back from the school this morning the sun really has a bite to it today.Off to the doctors tomorrow hope i can persuade him to scan me early its horrid not knowing how far I am and when I am due..Well i have an idea but a closer idea would be better.. any way hope everyone feels better next time look after yourselves. Thanks for listening..
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