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I hope you dont mind me jioning in your club? I am anywhere from 10-14 weeks pregnant
unsure at this stage.I am expecting my third but am in need of a lot of support to keep me on the straight and narrow.My last pregnancy I ballooned up to 120 kg I want to be smaller this time round after the birth if possible. I am currently 95 kg.Well I am 22 years of age I have 2 boys: Jake 5yrs Nathan 2yrs. I am West Australian and am married. I think thats all my info?
SaraB I too have had bleeding this time round but I hope I can return to my body combat class this Monday.Amnio? Why may you need one? I hope you dont mind I am nosey by nature.
Sounds like most of you are having your first babies, I can tell you ,I have two horror stories of child birth ,hee hee, Number three was definetly a suprise hubby took it better then me...Jeanne I bet those Butterflies are going mad only four weeks to go I have never lasted the full 40 weeks, You just may find your baby doesn't wait.If you havent got your bag packed ,pack it now!!!!!So where are you all from= I dont mean exactly maybe your state or country? I know we should not ask but i just feel then i know who I am chatting to a little better. I am new at this internet thing we have been hooked up for a month and a half. If you'd rather not I will completely understand...Well I certanly seemed to have rambled I hope your Morning sickness's like mine go away fast and your birthing is easy Hope i have not impossed and look forward to your postings
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