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Yes, ladies, I'm still hanging around here! Only 4 more weeks until my due date--yikes, I'm starting to panic. We had a shower last weekend, which was small but fun, and another on Sunday. We've planned to go out on Monday and buy all the stuff we'll need that we don't/didn't get at the showers, and that'll be cool. We've also decided we need to go ahead and pack our bags for the hospital--did I mention that this is starting to scare me????? Help, I'm not ready!!!

Sorry to hear that so many of you are feeling lousy; just think, that stage will be over soon and you'll get your energy back and be feeling much better.

Ckn, I know someone who recently had an amnio, and she said it really wasn't that bad. Not great, of course, but OK. She said it was the kind of thing that if they told her they had to do it again, her reaction would be "Oh, yuck" rather than being scared or refusing to do it. Hopefully it'll be OK if you decide to do it, it might be worth it to have some piece of mind.


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