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Sara, I totally understand about you feeling down. I hate being sick to my stomach, I hate throwing up, I always feel rotten afterward. Having to go through it on a daily basis, not knowing if it is ever going to end has got to be very depressing. I hope that when you are in the 2nd trimester that it will pass.

Cassandra - I'm looking forward to Spring too. I want to get back out and do some walking but I hate going out in the cold and snow.

Scully - water exercise sounds fantastic. I can't remember the last time I was in a pool.

ckn - talk about emotions! I've had days where I've been watching tv and just bawling at something. Also is tired an emotion? At this point it feels like it should be. I can hardly wait until my energy level increases in the 2nd trimester (keeping my fingers crossed!).
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