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Hello to everyone. Haven't posted in quite awhile. Everything is fine with me. Had 2nd Dr.'s appt. Monday. Gained too much weight and blood pressure up a little other than that everything ok. Said should be able to hear the heart beat next month. We are still trying to decide on the amnio test. Highly recommended because of my age. But so scary.
The tiredness is getting better and this would have been a good week except that I had to get a cold so I have felt miserable along with all the pregnant stuff. Have worked all week also. Trying to save as many sick days as possible. Sometimes I just seemed overwhelmed by all of this. Having to start it all over again. But I know that I am just remembering all of the bad things and I've got to start concentrating more on the good things that go along with having a baby!! Sorry if I sound down. Do any of you experience lots of emotions? I don't remember that from my first pregnancy. But I can just be sitting and I will just start crying for no reason. And I'm not a crier. I guess it's just hormones. Plus my almost 18 year old baby will be graduating and going to college and I guess it's just all of it together. Well I've written a book and lots of is depressing. I'll be better next time and I will try to post more regularly. Everyone take care.

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