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Hello friends! Good to read about how many of you are doing again. Sorry that I've been so down lately. I really am normally a happy person, really! This sickness is getting to me. I hope it only lasts a few weeks more, because I have been so down-in-the-dumps. I really want to enjoy every moment of this pregnancy, but I've been miserable... I can relate to what everyone said about smells, they do me in all the time! That and riding in traffic, that gets me every time. (We live in the Denver area, so there's plenty of that.) I keep a garbage can in the van and have had to use it on many occassions. (Sorry for the gritty details!)

Jen -- Enjoy that ultrasound! It feels SO good to see that little heartbeat!

I am very anxious to get back into exercising (I miss it, believe it or not!) so I'll be glad when the doctor lifts that restriction. I start a pre-natal water aerobics class in March if dr. okays it -- can't wait!

Take Care of yourselves, Mommies to Be! (Get lots of rest!)

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