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Hi all. Not much new with me. I have my first ultrasound in 2 weeks, I'll be almost 13 weeks then. No morning sickness yet, I'll feel quesy once in awhile, grocery shopping can bring on an upset stomach but so far no actual vomiting. Yesterday I had a small order of onion rings and that almost did me in. I felt so sick I though for sure I was going to puke but I kept it down. Well I now know what NOT to eat!

I've been so sleepy I haven't exercised in 3 weeks. I finally got on the bike today for 30 minutes. I feel better for it so I'm going to try and get more exercise. well I'm almost done the first trimester so I should be getting that energy back. I hope!

Sara - sorry to hear that you are still having the ms. I hope it passes soon.
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