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Hi everyone! So great to see so many posts this morning. I am half way through my point expedition and decided to check in here. It is a nice break!

MailWhale, WELCOME BACK! Glad to hear you had a good time basking in the sun and surf! It sounds wonderful but I expect it makes it harder to go back to the snow! I noticed the daffodils are blooming yesterday and the yellow bells are just starting. Everything is in bud. I just hope we don't get another freeze and ruin the spring colors!

I had a butterfly bush for a few years and it did great. I let it get too big which put it too close to the brick on the house front and it got fried. It is a shame becasue they are beautiful and do draw the butterflies. What color is yours, MW?

We both rode for 20 minutes yesterday.

See ya'll later,
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