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Hi, I'm back, been back a few days, but this is only my second real chance to catch up on e-mail and post. My trip was wonderful! Soooooo nice to be warm for a while! We played in the pool and surf constantly! The kids had a wonderful time, so did I! I'm now even more ready for spring! It is gonna snow here today and I am no longer in the mood LOL!

Yesterday was pretty and fairly warm so I pruned - butchered - our butterfly bush, I hope it leafs out soon!

Well, I spent some time looking up info on Left-handers since I got a good connection this afternoon, so I'm already out of time (my son appears to be a lefty) (and I found out i'm a true amby!) So, I'd better go...

I hope to pull my dieting act together (yet again) soon and start posting losses! Until then...I'll at least post!
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