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PS I heard this yesterday on the radio and got a chuckle out of it. Keep this in mind if your Valentines Day isn't going as well as you had hoped.

This was sent into one of our stations when they requested horror stories about this special day of love. It was authored by a 16 year old girl.

She had a secret crush on one of her school mates and was euphoric when he invited her our for valentines day. He arrived in his car and whisked her off to a romantic italian restaurant. They enjoyed the candlelite meal. She thought the ravioli tasted a little funny but thought it might be the chefs choice of spices.... This boy of her dreams had presented her with flowers and candy and was making all her dreams come true so she wasn't going to complain. On the way to his house, where she was hoping for a little makeout session with her dream date, with the hot air from the car heater blowing in her face her stomach began to rumble. Before she could say "pull over" her stomach returned the ravioli in an explosive manner. He pulled the car over while looking at her like she was an alien invader. As quickly as possible she threw the car door open, and crawled across the side walk where she collapsed against the cement. This boy didn't drive off but did help her to her feet and take her to his house. The makeout session didn't happen since most of her time was spent trying to clean off the ravioli remains. She said he did call her a few times after but she just didn't think he could get past that first date....It would be memorable....Bless her heart. Anyway, if your day isn't going as you expected just think of this 16 year old who EVERY year will probably remember this one.

Have a good one!

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