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BYE! 2 my fat @ss 4 ever
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HAPPY VALENTINES DAY Phoebe, you know its called snail mail for a reason. I'm sure your valentine is in the mail. We will be starting a new thread tomorrow so Phoebe if your the first to arrive please do so scrolling down... I managed to lose 3 of the 4 I gained last week, I am very pleased & surprised! My eating has been completely out of control, but I have been doing the exercising (except for 1 day) Hubby got me a BIG box of choc. I figure I'll enjoy 1 piece a day, hopefully I'll have the strength to do that! For me that is a deffinite challenge! All or nothing is basically the best way to describe myself! So I need to work on that and this box of chocs. is a good place to start! Have a good day... Cindi
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