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BYE! 2 my fat @ss 4 ever
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Hi, Last night unfortunately I got into the carmel popcorn with peanuts. OINK OINK! It would be different if I had a little but nope OINK OINK!! I'm mad at myself today!! So Phoebe what does DIY stand for? Cathy what is TOPS? Plus yesterday I had a solid chocolate santa coming home from shopping!! OINK OINK OINK!!! It was on clearance for 65 cents, and I was just wanting some choc. soooo bad! I hadn't had any since Christmas. Now I am soooo mad at myself I couldn't wait just one more stinkin' day for V-day!!! Okay, it is a new day, but I am so sick and tired of doing great all day then from dinner on I'm out of control!! I need to get a grip on this! Well glad I have a place to vent! Have a good day, and I will try to do the same. Cindi
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