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hi girls...well..i'm stuck too sandy but i was kind of expecting it..not been to enthused lately..even though i make a point of going on my treadmill everyday..i have been struggling with the water too!..for some reason i have trouble drinking all that..i am going to have a re-think today..maybe i need outside help..i know i did much better when i attended meetings..but i did not enjoy them and i did'nt think i got my money's worth..i am thinking of going to TOPS..maybe that would help and it is not expensive either..i'll try a little longer and if i don't see any results soon i'll do that..hope things are going better for you...sandy 570 cals is way to little you should get at least 1000-1200..i think 1500 is a bit to high for weightloss...maybe that could be your're not eating enough..i know its not my problem i'm eating enough and more cya later...cathy.
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