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hi girls..phoebe read your own post again!! you say sometimes you think you will never lose the weight and in the next paragraph you go on to tell us the phenomenal weightloss that you have already achieved!!Silly girl you have lost an incredible 77lbs!!!!!!! and you want to lose another 42lbs..almost half of what you have already lost..of course you will do it..and as cindi said we all have days when we think its a waste of time and we'll never do it..but we will..just think ahead..not next week or next month..six months ahead..imagine yourself as you want to be..thats what i do..its a beautiful summer day and i am out in the sun..i am slim..happy..this is my goal and i intend to get there by july\august...cindi you are so right about how easy it is to gain the weight seems to take forever for me to shift a lb but if i eat a couple of cookies it seems to come back overnight sandy good luck with the move and groove..i have one of his dance 'exercise' tapes..good fun..but a little long at 70 minutes...the weather sounds nice were you snowed here last night hoping it will wash away later today....have a nice day....cathy.
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