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Phoebe The last couple of days wern't very good for me either. All I did was eat junk food. I'm dicovering that if I don't eat good I get headaches. So in this process of trying to lose weigh I'm learning a awful lot about myself and my body. So I can't go back, I like whats happening even if its slow. My weight is really coming off slow. But I'm not gaining. And I was slacking off the water, and you really need to drink that water. I NEED PATIENCE Cindi's right it's harder to lose than it is to gain.

So Cindi keep plugging away remember it was the tortoise that won the race and not the hare. Slow but steady.

I've wanted the Richard Simmons Move and Grove thing. Found out Avon is selling them. And a friend of my sell Avon. So I'm ordering one from her. Didn't want to put it on my credit card and by the time you mail a check in it takes around six weeks or more to get anything like that so I'm going through Avon.

Its going to be in the 60's and 70's here today, going out to do a little yard work. Suppose to rain a little this afternoon. Get some excerising in this way also.

Well, Phoebe, Cindi and Cathy have a very nice day. And keep drinking that water.
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