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BYE! 2 my fat @ss 4 ever
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PHOEBE We all understand 100%!!! The good thing is we're here for you to say HEY SNAP OUT OF IT Sorry so blunt but I know thats what I need to hear at times! Besides Phoebe not to be too personal or anything but you did mention it was TOM TIME, so with that in consideration... you know what I'm saying! Yes I feel like I am never going to lose weght! But I will, it just won't happen over night like I (we) would like it too. I took two steps back this week, my goal for next week is to lose the 4 pds, I gained this past week. I'll tell ya losing 4 pds. in 1 wk. is MUCH HARDER than gaining 4 pds. in one week! I didn't get around to riding my bike yesterday so this morning and this evening I'm doing it! GONNA GO DO IT RIGHT NOW!!! Everyone have a good positive day Cindi
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