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Originally Posted by Gogirl008 View Post
Willmakeit, sounds like you're having a rough time of it. But I think your came to the right place. It does seem like a neverending struggle sometimes, but some days are a little easier.
As for the 65% and the 35%. We may be part of the 65%, but you know that the "thinnner" 35% has thier own issues. No one I know is baggage free. Don't let yourself get wrapped up in all that. You know what your issue is and your working on it. The "35"% might have it even harder than we do with whatever problems they are dealing with. Thin does not equal happy.

It's true. While you may envy the 35%, the 35% aren't trouble free. While weight may not be an issue, they may as well have others!

While I'm sorry that you might not be happy with your body now, rest assured if you keep up with what you are doing, you'll be a part of the 35% in no time , really.
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