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These stories are absolutely great - please keep them coming!

I thought this thread had been deleted and then found it up here - I hope i didn't press something wrong, I don't think I did

Anyway, my story which I've never expressed before let alone written down so this should be interesting (er - for me )

Skinny, skinny kid. Ate loads, exercised loads, never aware of my weight at the time - didn't occur to me to think about it. Then I went to bed aged 14 slim and I woke up aged 15 and fat. OK - that might not be quite right but that's how I remember it and it was really fast.

I probably wasn't fat either. At 15 I was about 5'"2 - 3" and I weighed 8 1/2 stone - 119ish but that was substantially bigger than my friends and I was definitely chubby. Then absolute disaster. A group of us (I was at boarding school so my parents had no clue about this) decided to "diet" which when you're 15 and nutritionally clueless means starvation. The obvious happened - I went up to 9 1/2 stone (133) and was fat. I stayed that way and got heavier. By the time I left school I was 147. Several of us from that "diet club" ended up with eating disorders and one of us died 6 years later from the effects of anorexia. I've never quite got over it.

Off to university and did a little better there because I started smoking heavily - terrible, terrible decision - but I went down to 135 ish and stayed between there and 140. I'd also grown so overall not too bad.

I stayed between 140-147 all my adult life except for a few months here and there when I got to 133ish again but always as a result of stress or upset. Anyway, 3 years ago I stopped smoking. I then blinked and was 163 - the highest ever. I totally couldn't handle that and calorie counted my way back down but have yo yoed between about 143-158 ever since.

I've never been slim as an adult. You'd think at my height that I would be at 133 but no such luck - annoyingly small bones. I want to be slim as a young(ish) woman and I feel like I've wasted so many years that it's time to do it. I feel like I did when I knew it was time to stop smoking.

Finally just to say:- I have never stuck to a diet for longer than 3 weeks before which is a period of time that usually sees me lose 10lbs. I've not lost as quickly this time but it's been over 4 weeks and I'm still going strong. That is absolutely 100% because of this site. Because members here have picked me up when I've fallen down, reminded me that one day can't possibly wipe out what I've already achieved and that this isn't an x number of weeks diet - it's a life plan so you've got to put things into context. Whilst I can come here and read and post I can keep going so thank you - so very, very much.
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