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Really interesting to read everyone's stories! As for me, I was always a medium sized kid - I was fairly tall and had big boobs from age 11 on, so I was really all around thin through my sophomore year of high school. My family is naturally pretty muscular and has ridiculous metabolisms. My mom always taught me that food is the most reliable pleasure in life - something I still think is true, I just needed to learn moderation. Being in a boarding high school I put on a little weight, from about 130 to 140, but it wasn't until my junior year abroad in Israel that it started in earnest. I loved the program but hated a lot of the kids I was there with, and was constantly stressed - also, I didn't like much of the food but ended up eating a lot of different things at each meal so that I felt satisfied. By the time I returned, I had gone from about 140 to 155 or so, and over the next two years I ballooned up to between 185 and 190 - I refused to weight myself. I had struggled a little with eating disorders as a depressed early teen, and had a lot of trouble thinking about losing weight without slipping back into disordered eating, and so essentially didn't do anything about it. I generally had a few guys around, and was at an all girls school and insanely busy anyway, so it was no big deal.

Anyway, it just had to wait until I was ready. At the beginning of this past summer, I was housesitting and eating less because I was on my own, and ended up losing five pounds, effortlessly, over a matter of a few weeks. It was sort of an epiphany, an "oh, right, I CAN do this if I want to" moment. I monitored with fitday all summer, and was down to 160 when I returned to school. In the first few months, I kept up my eating habits but didn't work AS hard, and was walking around the city a lot - I found after two months that I'd lost another ten. From 150 to 140 has been an effort, punctuated by a brief holiday detour back up and down to 145, and I'm really working on those last ten. It was really funny, actually, today I was hanging out with a few girls from my school, one of whom had known me last year and two of whom were new, and I mentioned that I missed my shapelier rear (I DO!)... And when I saw the confused looks on their faces, realized I had to explain that I'd been 50 pounds heavier the year before. It was very strange having people not know that part of me, because so much of me is still the chubby girl inside. And that's not a bad thing at all. Anyway, thats my little story Do we get your full story soon?
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