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OK, here goes. I am 64, 5'2", and while my present goal of 145 seems pretty high comparatively, the few times I was at that weight, it was a good healthy weight for me. I am build really out of proportion, with a tiny face and frame on top and a large frame on the bottom... Only once in my life was I 116#, and that was when I graduated high school, and it was basically me losing my baby fat. My mother was always bemoaning my build....I take after her, and food and dieting was the much talked about topic in our house.In college, 135-145 was my norm, and it was a good one, for my face is so tiny it gets gaunt when I go below that. But then marriage, and an evolving bad marriage did me in. After 18 years of marriage and 2 kids I was up to 180....however, the last two years of my marriage I somehow found the will power to drop the weight, back down to 145, and I don't know if my husband felt threatened or not tho' I think there was some of that....a divorce later......I maintained at 145 for a number of years, then my daughter got very ill, I injured my foot, had to work under an "evil" boss, and my weight ballooned again. It has been only in the last two years that I have started to get things under control. Working out, joining a gym, getting a trainer, and then starting to do training myself all contributed. I think it was also that I finally had the self-esteem I needed, and recognized all that I've accomplished over the years, that made the difference possible.

Losing weight at this age is so much harder, much slower, and it means I need to think of eating not as a diet but as an eating plan for life. Most days it goes well, and even my binging isn't the horrendous overindulgence it used to be, when I could finish a gallon of icecream and still keep going. Thank goodness for that! Being a trainer also makes a difference, as I have to set a good example. It is a continuous process, and challenging, but having 3FC to come to, and the support and encouragement of everyone here has been extremely helpful.

Guess that's about it.
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