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Gee. It all happened so fast! One day I was comfortable at 109 lbs, then determined to draw the Red Line at 120. Held steady there until I had a foot reconstruction gone bad that kept me on the couch for 6 months living alone with 5 dogs. We ALL ate a lot. Suddenly I topped out at 152lbs. ...

When I returned to work I got back into the 140's. Then I was "let go" for having had so much sick time off. Hovered in the high 140's.

I'm just now working again and able to walk [about every other day] again. I decided I needed to do something more structured and drastic than I had been and so am doing the Body For Life for Women program.

GONNA make it happen!

Then:152 lbs
Now: 139 lbs
Next: 130 lbs
Finally: 120 lbs ?
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