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Thanks for the replies.
I am 29, and 5'5". I am not clinging to ideas of looking like my younger self, because my younger self was 80 lbs heavier then.

I am currently consuming about 1300 calories per day in order to try and get the scale weight down a bit more. During the maintainance phase I was eating probably 1800-1900 calories (I wasn't counting at that time, just trying to learn how to make the new eating habits permanent and normal).

I have been having a very hard time getting the scale to move at all this time around, my body seems to like this weight. The lowest I have been since I started losing is 147.5 but I had a hard time maintaining that. I really don't want to resrict more calories, and I definitely don't want to lose muscle! I am perfectly fine staying at this weight - I really just want to reshape my body at this point.

While losing weight I did mostly aerobic exercise for fat loss, this is the first time I am considering strength training. It seems like it's time to start thinking about that. I read online that extra skin is a myth - that you have to get under 10% body fat and it will cling to your body again, so I guess that is what I have to do.
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