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Default Featherweights - what's your story?

As you can see from my registration date I'm new here. I've clocked up a lot of posts because typing stops me from eating! With the exception of the odd blip I'm doing better than ever before and it's 100% down to 3fc and the amazing support here.

One of the things that has really helped me is reading the goal and mini goal stories and the photo albums. However, I'd really like to know (if that's OK by you guys) more about the featherweights because you are in my boat.

Would you mind sharing your stories? I'd like to know how far people have come - are these last few pounds the last few from a much greater weight loss or a few spare that have always been just a few? How long have you been battling with them for? What fab tips can you share? What made you finally decide to get to grips with your weight? How has 3fc helped you? If you've reached goal how has your life changed?

I'm off to Italy in a fortnight with a group of friends who are all reed thin. Whilst it'll stop me missing the other half I know I'm in for a rough ride diet wise. Whilst I am realisitic that your stories won't keep me on plan whilst I'm out there I reckon they'd be invaluable when I come back.

Having re-read the above it seems terribly nosey but I hope you don't mind. Thanks
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