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I bought a heart rate monitor and have been wearing it to do outdoor runs, treadmill runs, elliptical workouts, weighlifting, and step aerobics. IT'S TRUE... the machines are WAY off. For the run I do on the treadmill, the machine says I am burning 600 calories. My heart rate monitor says just over 400. And that is what is says when I do the same distance in the same time outside. On the elliptical the machine says approximately 700 calories burned in 60 minutes; the heart rate monitor says approximately 450. I've done these workouts several times on each machine, and the machines are just as off every time. Interesting (and slightly annoying) to note that the machines are ALWAYS TOO HIGH! I guess the manufacturers of exercise equipment are trying to appeal to the same instinct that the clothing manufacturers who do "vanity sizing" are trying to appeal to. It doesn't upset me though... I'm just glad to have the real numbers. I never relied on the machines numbers anyway!
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