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Thanks to 3FC. I've been lurking here since I reached my goal weight in September 2006. I started at 224lbs (102kgs) and am now (today) at 142lbs (64kgs). I think I've been fortunate that I've been able to lose weight under a program that suited me. I had tried others, and took advice from nutritionists on how to eat properly, you know, eat 3 meals, 3 snacks daily. This was good for me to maintain at 224lbs, but not to lose weight.

I recall when I put on the weight. I was studying full time with limited income. I ate muesli, bread, pasta, rice - yup - all those cheap filling foods. Well, you know that you can lose up to a kilo (2.2lbs) a week. Well, I know that you can put it on that fast too. I sat down in February at 70kgs, and stood up in September weighting 94kgs. It wasn't rocket science, but it took me about 10 years to work it out.

Now I've lost my 80+lbs, and getting to the world of maintenance was something that I had not been to before, and there was scant information about it - it seemed - anywhere! So, this thread is great for me - and thanks to 3FC.

My experience in the 4 months since I've been maintaining is that my actions and behaviours are no different than when I was losing. I still weigh my food and eat the same amount of foods I lost on. I still only eat 3 meals a day. I don't eat junk, and if I'm going out - I plan for it for the day, and don't go overboard. I find that I just can't eat like I used to as a "formerly obese person". I know that I will gain if I add just a few extra things into my diet.

So, diet and maintenance are one and the same for me. I know now that it will be a life long journey, and one that I hope will become a routine. It helps that I love my fresh unprocessed food diet.

I agree with the other members who acknowledge their lifestyle changes starting the day they commence their "diet". I wouldn't have said that on the day I started my "diet" in October 2005 at 224lbs. It's only now that I'm here, that in hindsight, I can say that it is true.

Start Weight: 224lbs
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