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hey all sorry i haven't been posting lately... school has kept me on my toes.. papers midterms seminars... oh my!
well i was thinking that sinse.. like some of you out there.. i have not only been battling the bulge.. but depression as well.. i am proud to report that.. i have noticed a change.a small change but a change nonetheless... so yay me... baby steps.. got it.. i finally get it.. in 2 years time.. im hoping that all my baby steps. well have merged into a great result. im not going to rush... but.. i am going to gloat!!! and since i have made this change.. and i am proud of it.. and not just ditching class and wallowing in self pity... i am going to class regularly.. and my outlook on life is becoming more positive.. and im actually setting realistic goals.. i've decided that im going to dye my hair.. i know.. no biggie right.. well.. i feel like.. is i make this change in my appearance.. it well go with me.. a fresh start as i go on to my next goal.. then eventually i shall take over the world.. ha ha ha!!!... i will really be a princess... a girl can dream... lol... im funny.. anyways. i was all proud of me.. and i thought i'd share.. because usually im not so proud of me... ok.. so the weight loss thingy.. isn't working out.. thats not my only battle at the moment.. but i will... im optmistic!!!
i mean really... one of u very wise people reminded me that the weight didn't come on over night so its not going to go away over night either.. and i'm thinking thats true for most issues... not just weight.. sinse i am kicking my depression-monsters butt right now... i feel much more confident.. and i'm thinking.. these little changes here and there... in 2 years.. i'll be the person i want to be.. and im not just talking about being thinner.. im talking about the whole package!!!
you all have my love and support!!.. stay motivated... cuz.. like i just discovered.. even small changes.. make u feel like u really are a princess (i know i have problems... ok.. i just really want a tiara... so shoot me!!!)im a total freak... i think i am way to excited over this... but oh well!!

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