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I am watching what I eat and making a serious effort on exercise. I have about 50lbs to lose, but on my 5' frame they make a HUGE difference in how I look. I have a friend on WW, and it's great for her. Her mom has gone on it with her too. She's tall (6') so it will take longer before people start to notice her weight loss. I can't wait to lose though; about 6yrs ago I lost 10lbs and went down 3 dress sizes just by watching my diet and exercising at least 4x/week. Looking back I must have lost 10lbs of fat for it to make that kind of difference in clothing size. My ultimate goal is to be healthy and, if my healthy weight is low enough, to join the military as an officer (I was kicked out of ROTC because of weight but was told that I was welcomed back as soon as I was meeting standards--both weight and physical fitness). Good luck to everyone!
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