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Originally Posted by tiffsmith View Post
I have started doing cardio for 45 minutes a day. Anyone have any advice as far as good snacks (I work in an office all day), or good advice in general? Also, how long before people started seeing results? I think so long as I can see what I am doing is working, I will continue. I just have a fear of failing again...
Have no fear, 3FC's is here!

Snack ideas:
fat free cottage cheese (protein helps make you feel full longer)
low fat yogurt with fruit
fruit (apple, orange, etc.)
1 ounce of nuts
whole wheat cracker (like triscuit) with a wedge of laughing cow cheese

Good advice:
(I'm no expert)
keep up the cardio!!!!
log your food into a journal or Fitday
visit 3FC often for advice and support

If you fall, get back up and start again! I don't remember how long it took before I saw results. I did this once before--about 11 years ago--and I remember that when I had lost 18 pounds people started to comment and say that it looked like I had lost. So that 18 pounds was my "marker" this time. I decided I wouldn't tell anyone that I had lost anything until I had lost 18 pounds. But by then, everyone had already guessed! I think it is different with everybody.

Good luck to you!

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