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Default Being Accountable 2007

I am wondering if anyone would like to start this again...


Being Accountable: Weekly Challenge
Time to start next weeks challenge!! Who's all in??

Challenge starts each Monday and ends on Sunday. And ANYONE is welcome to join.

Each week you choose something health-related that you really have a hard time doing, and you do it for the week. Say for instance, you really want to cut down on sugar and you know you can do that for at least a few days a week. You can choose how many days such as 3 or 4, up to all 7 ....(but no less than 3, please) and then commit yourself to it. doesn't have to be all in a row, either! You may decide to not eat sugar for 4 days. So on Monday you have no sugar, but on Tuesday you can have some, on Wednesday none, then Thursday...(you get the idea) Just try to complete the amount of days you committed yourself to.

You may choose limiting calories, getting in more exercise, drinking more water, eating less processed foods, taking a vitamin, journaling, counting carbs... whatever your need is - go for it! The choices are limitless!

So who is in for this week?? Please, come join us and make this a great week!
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