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Nothing exciting here. No specific plans today!!!!!!!!! Not sure how to spend my day either. I am definitly less sick!!
I would like to go shopping but doubt the kids will coooperate since it is not all about them.
I could see if the sitter will come...........or I could clean the house really well and do laundry.
I will wait and see how DD is feeling. She was whiney yesterday, mild cold. She did not get as sick as DS or me....hmmmmmmmmmmm what to do.

I had a mini binge last night. We ate supper, chili and salad at 4pm before hockeyt. At 9 I had another bowl of chili. Then I consumed a bunch of crackers. Felt gross. I am sure I will be bloated from the salt.
No more of thta nonsense. It is still mild here. Hovering above freezing, overcast.Too mucky for the kids ot outside much.hmmmmmmmmmmmm

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