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I joined MRC in March 2006 and the plan worked exactly like they said it would. It has been great for me. I am able to eat out with friends and family just like before. I lost all the weight I had originally set out to lose in the time they said I would. Now I am just trying to make it through the holidays without gaining and so far I have been able to do that. After New Years I am going to lose the rest of what "I" now feel like I want to lose. I started at 203lbs in a size 18 and I am now at 154 in a size 10 and am at a healthy BMI for the first time in more than 10 years. The hardest part about this plan for me was eating ALL of the food at each meal. It was a lot of food for me. But as long as I stay on the plan I feel GREAT, but when I eat what I want I feel it. My body feels like crap.
As for the supplements the only thing they made me buy was the drinks and I was only required to have them 2/3 times a day until I started maintenance. Now I don't take them at all. All I take now is a daily vitamin and flax seed oil capsules. And they let me buy my vitamins and stuff anywhere I want. They did not make me buy there's if I could find it elsewhere cheaper as long as it was the same mg and such. So you get out of it exactly what you put into it.
Currently, I am much happier and wouldn't trade what MRC gave me for anything in the world. And I would recommend them in a heart beat. In fact, I am still trying to get my dad to go but like so many others he is tight with money. Good luck!!!
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