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Angry Let me tell you a little something about MRC

I was really excited when I started. All the consultants knew my name, and I liked that all of them had lost their weight from this diet. I've been on a lot of diets but this one seemed to be 'THE ONE'. I'm a college student so I was worried about what would happen when i started school again. They promised me that there was a 'long-distance' program where one of them would call me 2 times a week to check on me and to see if I needed to order anything. First of all, this diet is expensive. If you're just trying to lose 10-15 pounds it is definitely NOT worth the money. It was $300 starting price for 17 weeks. then you have to buy protein drinks which are $11 for a box of 7 and you are required to drink 3-5 a day depending on your weight. You also have to buy a BUNCH of expensive pills that you 'need' to get max results. Most of the pills you have to take two 3-4 times a day. A bottle of 60 is ranges from $20-$80 if you get the diet kind. the rest are vitamins that 'speed' up your metabolism. Sticking to the diet was really hard, but I did it perfectly for 3 months. But after losing 8 pounds in 3 weeks, i plateaued. Everytime i would go in (you have to go twice a week) they had an excuse ready. sometimes it was what time did you eat this meal or are you sure you measured your servings right or did you drink all of the protein shake? finally they tried to tell me that an apple (which was on the diet) was throwing off my metabolism and that I should be eating raspberries....grr but i still stuck with it. Even when i got back to school (which is four hours away) I stuck with it for another 2 months that is without ANY phone calls. Nov 7th rolls around, which is the day my expensive 17 week program ended and the day i was sposed to have officially lost 30 pounds, not only have i gained the 8lbs back but ive gained another 10...I havent heard from them in 3 months. I'm about to go home for Christmas, and you can be sure that I will be visiting MRC to 'thank' them for their wonderful absence of support.
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