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Hi guys!! I am running around like a chicken with its head cut off this week. I had to have fecal exams for the dogs because I thought they had worms but nope it was just the milk jug zippythingies that they eat when I throw them down for the cats to play with. silly dogs. I ot a nice clean house out of it though. haha. I bleached everything.

We are leaving Saturday morning. Brit has some stomach thing so I am hoping we dont get it. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Cal, I hope you get your cast off soon. That must be hard to deal with.

Noelle, That is Tyson. I have a pic I took of Mickey all dressed up and he looks exactly like the Grinch's dog in the cartoon. I took that one after we did the cards or he would have been the one.

Kempy, I love the pic of the 2 dogs too. So cute. I just want to cuddle them. I keep having dreams that I am visiting your house. Strange huh?

Well, I gotta get going. Our oven in the bakery is broken now so I think we have to go to Bangor and buy a part for it.
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