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Woo-hoo it's the weekend! Rick has to work today so I am dragging Michael around Christmas shopping. Tomorrow we will be going to Safeway and building gingerbread houses, that should be fun + no mess to clean up at home! I will try to send out your Christmas cards and small gifts today.

Cal, you are so funny with your descriptions of the kids I bet if you let them sign your cast they wouldn't dare write anything bad, you still have the power to grade them don't you? Anyway, I hope you heal up quickly and are back on your two feet in no time.

Kempy, I loved that pic you sent of Rhea and Echo. They are so pretty. So you had that parental guilt when you dropped them off? Did I tell you that one of my sisters is a dog groomer? I've got so many sisters that I'm bound to have one in any given profession...

Angie, I got the Christmas card yesterday, that is a cute picture. The cat (is that Teddy or Tyson?) looks so thrilled to be wearing that hat We haven't dressed up our animals yet this year, YET!

Cherie, hope you are doing well out there. Have a fun weekend.

Dips, you too girl. Get out here and say hello

I'm gonna go get ready for Christmas shopping....where are my combat boots?
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