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Hey Noelle. Yes I got your pic and I called Jay over to have a look. We are so coming to Hawaii soon!!! As soon as I can find someplace to send Rebel and get rid of the kids for a vaca we are coming.

I hope you can get your puter fixed. Mine wont let me send email out....unless it is for a reply. Weird huh? It just started doing it one day and said my computer isnt configured to send email I dont know why since the day before it could. I am very stupid when it comes to computers so I guess I will pay the computer guy to check it out for me.

Kempy, That is a beautiful neighborhood. We dont have anything like that here since it is all country and there isnt a need. If I had to live in the city I would make sure it was gated too. I liked the pathways they have there. very nice.

Well, I have to make sure I am not burning supper.
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