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Whew! Has anyone noticed it's December??? I figured I should start a new thread, huh?

I'm having MAJOR issues with my computer hard drive--it [email protected] out on me and I am trying to rebuild my files. The data recovery people are working on it but the situation looks a little bleak, but I'm not stressing out over it too much, if I did, I may just go nuts. I'm just taking it one day at a time...

So Angie, WELCOME BACK hon! We missed ya. Did you get the email Hawaiian postcard I sent? I was testing my memory with your email addy cuz like i said, my hard drive crashed and I was guessing. Anywhos, so glad to hear from you again. It's not the same around here w/out ya.

Kempy, those homes are so beautiful! I wanna move to TX My niece is in Ft. Sam Houston right now, which is probably far away from you.

Cherie, hope you got my email as well.

I gotta run for now, but will be back later.
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