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Thank you so much for those kind words martini about my picture and the beach. I just remember how I used to look. Oh well that's what i'm here for, to lose weight. Even if it takes me 3 years, i'm going to do it!

Do you think it matters how fast we walk as to how long we walk? I've heard different stories. Walk faster work out less... you know. I get so lazy sometimes and the only thing I can do is make myself get off the chair and just start walking slow, but sometimes I start walking then i start to feel like going faster and faster. It's amazing our bodies. Sometimes you just have to make yourself start...and your body does the rest. I know it definately matters on the intake. i learned that lesson this week as I gained a pound and a half. i counted calories sometimes but not all week like I should. But husband was home...hmmm excuses, excuses!!! I have to quit.

I have kept up my exercise though. I did 90 minutes yesturday and today after church met my friend, his family, his friend, and his family, with my family (if that isn't confusing, LOL ) and played basketball for an hour and then flag football for an hour. It was alot of fun and believe me I was sweating. I didn't play that great, but then neither did anyone else. There was a few good players, but not all the players were good.

Jasmine you are awesome!! congrats on your weight lose!!

Ennay I love corn too. I never knew how healthy it was!! Wow, 9.25 miles, that is awesome. When I was young (10-11) I used to run 6-10k runs. Jogged every day 5 miles and remember loving the challenge. I hope to sometime get there again if my feet will permit. Congrats on being able to buy new clothes!!

Hun.e.b. Goodluck with your classes and finals. Boy I know that is stress, stress, stress!! Go get a pedicure, manicure and facial when your done. The same day!! It does wonders.

Didn't realize I had soo much to say. Goodnight to all and all a Goodnight (or however it goes, )

1200 minutes done for November Exercise Challenge
1800 minutes done for December Exercise Challenge
January Exercise Challenge 1200-1800 minutes

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