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I AM healthy!
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Okay good morning everyone! I will get to how I am doing in a little bit. My throat is sore right now!


Holiday baking sounds like fun! I will be doing mine soon plus we have two birthdays this month! Someone save me! haha
I've decided to do everything in bite sizes this year! I made bite size star-shaped sugar cookies last night. Usually I would have about 3 normal/large cookies, but instead I had 3 bite size, they were just as good, but less! Maybe it's a mental thing. I still felt like I got my 3 cookies, but my thighs didn't!
That is awesome! I want the recipe! WHere did you get the small shaper from? Did you use splenda?

DF is leaving town on Monday. He has to go do a project out in the field that will keep him there until Friday. He'll drive home Friday (takes most of the day), have Saturday with me, then drive back on Sunday, then come home the following Friday.
Awwww that will be rough!

I went looking for Ezekiel bread all over town, and NOTHING!
Awww. No health food stores near you?


Just keep working on it! You will get faster!


I didn't do tooo badly today, I got my workout in this morning, but skipped my afternoon one due to time restraints with family issues. Plus I've been getting a pain in my left side that flairs up if I bend a certain way and it's been getting worse. I need to make a trip to the Dr., just to make sure it's ok, it's been there for a month now and has been increasing a bit.
Yeah go get that checked out!!!


Good Morning Everyone I went to my two holiday parties yesterday and I did okay. I did eat some things that I try to stay away from like dip which is HUGE for me. But I ate a lot of carrots, celery, and broccoli with the dip. I'm guessing my calories to be 1800-2000 yesterday? The wine party was family style and they passed each bowl around. Psychologically that's hard because I feel obligated to take some. Still just one spoon of each. Could have been a lot worse. Not weighing myself for a couple of days.
Good for you for being so strong! I LOVE chips and dip and I would of indulged! haha


Morning ennay!

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