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I came to the same conclusion as you: I simply was not losing weight and couldn't figure out what to do to get things moving. I've been receiving food for about 2 months or so, but I must admit I dont stick to the exact plan.

Here are the diets I've tried: this is a frozen delivery service that arrives once a week. Even after 5 days of travel, the stuff is surprisingly still frozen. This is my favorite so far. I found the food really pretty good and made of healthy ingredients; not a lot of additives and artificial stuff. The portions are a good filling size, except breakfast, which will leave you starving. This diet really got me focused on portion sizes and on increasing my protein and minimizing my bad carbs. The diet offers a plan with snacks or just the 3 meals. I got the snacks once and then starting ordering the snacks off the internet on my own and just getting the meals. Saves a bit of money. But the snacks they turned me onto are really good, very high in protein and very filling and of course yummy (or I would not be raving). So now, when I feel the urge to binge, I'll eat like 4 snacks. The calories may add up to 400 to 600 calories, but they are really healthy with a lot of protein so I still manage to lose weight.

Slimdown: this is a local fresh delivery service in the NY area. BEWARE BEWARE!!! I did this for 3 days and then cancelled. The food is horrible but what's really amazing is that they still have not refunded my $1,000 (I had to pay for a month upfront). I am now dealing with my credit card company on getting refunded. What slime they are! The food is mediocre; some meals are really tasty but a lot of meals really are not that good. Some of the meals have a lot of additives, so they are in some cases indistinguishable from regular frozen dinners you buy at your grocery store. This plan has a lot more carbs than the other plans, but I must say that I lost weight on this for the one week I stayed on it. Not so highly recommended but not too bad either. Its cheaper than the others and the meals arrive frozen once a week.

Zone: I got the fresh delivery service several years ago (the only other time I've been on a formal diet rather than just trying to maintain). I did lose weight on this but I find the fresh food isn't really that much better than the frozen plans (which I found surprising) and the frozen plans are so much cheaper.

Last week I didn't get any deliveries so I bought some South Beach Diet frozen dinners. I must say that these were surprisingly tasty and made of fairly healthy ingredients (unlike say Stouffers or Swanson, which are completely unhealthy). I highly recommend switching to these when you finish your deliveries; just to keep in the freezer for when you're hungry so you don't eat something unhealthy. The portions are HUGE and they are very low in calories.

What's best about these plans is that you can ACCURATELY calorie count. I enter all the food into and this has enabled me to tweak my diet to the right amount of calories so that I am FINALLY starting to lose regularly. I noticed that I need to eat enough to lose (but of course not too much!), and that on some days I need to supplement these diet plans with some healthy snacks or I'll starve and not lose as much.

Best of luck.


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