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Susan, I will tell you that I don't follow people around the boards, but there are certain forums that I always check in on. Like the Support forum, 100lb club and General Chatter just to mention a few. And I have seen and read your posts many, many times and never not once have I seen anything offensive. You always seem to genuinely care about people and give strong, solid and motherly advice.

You know since I've started this weight loss journey and have started to change my life I have had a huge, almost uncontrollable and overwhelming desire to help others and share what I have learned and in wanting to do that I think I may come off as too pushy or sound too know it all-y. Which horrifies me to think that I may be coming off this way. But I guess that's just the way it is sometimes. And I'm never quite sure just how much info someone is looking for or how much of a push they're looking for when they start a new thread and ask a question. Hopefully for every time I come off harshly or wrong or G-d forbid insensitive or offensive, the other nine times I come off helpful and sincere.

Susan, again please know that I and I think most everyone here knows that your intentions are ALWAYS, ALWAYS sincere, genuine and loving and that your first and foremost of intentions are to help people.
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