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Default I've offended someone here

And it hurts my heart. But it's my own fault cuz I 'think' it had to do with following someone around on the boards to see what else they're up to. Which I like to do and I encourage others to do.
I'm guessing cuz there certainly was nothing wrong with my post in the thread where the poster took offence.
I'm truly sorry that I caused any pain or discomfort. I hope those of you who know me a bit, know that I never intend that ... never at all.
Anyway ... enough about me. This is what I'm really after ....

How do you know you are being diss'd in a thread? Tone? wording? poster history? what?

Do you respond?

What's the difference between diss and sturdy correction? Would either one offend you?

Have you ever typed a long angry post but deleted instead of posting?
... Susan
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