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Ruth, you kill me with 7 being late. I struggled out of bed at 10 this morning...going to bed at 4 didn't help, but...

Schatzi, your awful weather! I think sitting inside like you suggested sounds heavenly...will you be able to do it?

Wow, Kim, you're busy, busy, busy! My sister wrote me an e-mail yesterday asking why my dad and I were shopping so early. She's a procrastinator...

Kiko, love your new avatar! And the idea for your tree...that's fantastic!!! You could scrapbook the leaves so that everyone can see them each year...what a wonderful memory record! Enjoy!

Barb, I don't think you ever get a break! I'm drooling at your cranberry sauce..we usually make some so I can have it, but this year there just isn't time, so no cranberries for me. Have fun with all the turkeys!

I'm heading out of town for Thanksgiving tonight, then we're leaving from the in-laws to go to Ireland! Can you believe that? DH surprised me with the trip...he's staying for 2 weeks, but with all the holiday stuff to do, I could only spare one week (not even that, really, but...) So, don't give Schatzi and Ruth too much grief, Beachies (as if you ever do! )...I'll be back 12/4.
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