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I have:
Scott Cunningham's Wicca In The Kitchen
Cait Johnson's Witch In The Kitchen
Kate West's The Real Witches' Kitchen
Patricia Telesco's A Kitchen Witch's Cookbook

Telesco's book is nice because it has a lovely intro as well as little tidbits of folklore along with each recipe and alot of the food is actually something I would cook and eat.

West's book includes herbal beauty remedies, teas and incenses as well so is useful for that purpose. If I remember correctly, her book is setioned up into Sabbat recipes with maybe a few additional categories, like love recipes. She does make an attempt to address weight and a proper diet so I'll give her props for that. I don't like the bit she has added at the beginning which is pretty much a beginner's snapshot of Paganism/Witchcraft/Wicca. Maybe because it's so basic that it's boring to me but any book called The Real Witches' Kitchen should be for people who already know all that anyway. It's a cookbook, for heaven's sake, not propoganda.

Johnson's book is divided into the 4 seasons with each of the Sabbats represented by recipes, spells and kitchen rituals. I like the idea that she has discusses creating a kitchen altar (although the rest of my home belongs solidly to Aphrodite, my kitchen is very much Hestia's domain - she has a shrine there!) and basically treating your kitchen like it's sacred space (which it is!). Particularly funny is the idea of creating a kitchen Goddess apron to don as ritual clothing whenever you cook! I've never gotten around to doing that but I think i's a lovely idea. She also tackles ideas such as cleaning green and stuff, too.

And what can I say about da man? Cunningham's book is, like all his other's, chock full of interesting stuff. He has divided the food up according to magical properties and gives the correspondents for each one he mentions. He really stresses the magic of each individual ingredient. There are not so many recipes in this book as the other ones I've listed but if I'm remembering correctly, he died before the book was actually considered complete. There is a recipe in there for "prosperous" banana fritters which totally rocks. And is totally fattening but hey...
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