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Hi Tiffany!

I sure can relate to your Oreo Fest, Tiffany! Here's what I did one day. Maybe it will help you.

I had just heard of the term "emotional eater" and started to think about reasons for eating. Until that moment I really never gave it a thought about why I was eating! I decided to confront snack food when I was full. I looked at my bag of Oreos and thought, "Wow! I'm too full even to eat one of them!" I began to think that maybe I could use this thinking when I was "hungry" (read: upset, stressed, bored etc.) Before I ate anything I asked myself if I was really hungry or if I was something else (bored, upset, stressed, mad, etc.) In other words, I tried to THINK before I ate. This was a brand new way for me to approach food.

Another thing I began to do was eat a bit every few hours and not wait until the next meal. That continues to be the best thing for me because I seem to need a bit every so often rather than a big amount three times a day. Before I eat out or before I go to a party I eat an apple or 1/2 of a peanut butter sandwich. I follow it with water. I find that I am much less apt to overeat at the restaurant or at the party. I also began boxing 1/2 of my dinner BEFORE I began eating the other half. I tell myself that I can have it another time but NOT right now. It helps me not to think that I am getting short-changed.

I started keeping a glass of water with me and just sipped instead of eating the party food. I got more time to actually TALK to people instead of feeding my face. I was surprised that nobody seemed to notice that I wasn't eating! Here all these years I have been thinking that I HAD to eat so I wouldn't hurt anyone's feelings! Strange looking at it from a different perspective!

Hope some of this helps you! I'm finding that there are many different ways to look at food and eating that I never really thought about!

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