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Default Love this thread

I'm working at home at the computer today, and I am keeping it open so that I can absorb everything in it.

Getting back into cooking is part of some general changes I want to make, not only weight loss but getting back into cooking, paying more attention generally to the home environment. I love to get into cooking on a weekend day and make several produce-heavy dishes at once. One mess, and perhaps a bit of energy savings as I cook a couple of casserole-type items together. But the real reason is that I just love it. It puts me back in touch with how fortunate I really am, all this bounty in a world where so many have nothing, and a lot of my preoccupations take a back seat to this. I really like how that feels, and I want more of it. Plus it is a pleasure to share a well-cooked meal with my husband.

I really dwell on the gratitude and also on being as present as possible when chopping vegetables, etc., doing nothing automatically. I have an organic garden and grow most of our herbs and a lot of our vegetables. I frequently marvel at the alchemy of earth, sun, water coming together to make our food. This is usually what I keep in mind when cooking, but now I have other ideas.
Blessed be, Cathryn
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