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Ugh, it's a super slow day at work today. I should be knitting my scarf, or doing something, but I just can't seem to work up the energy to do anything. Ooh.. Maybe I'll go get some cawfee.. Mmm..

Sarahslacker- Oof, I feel you on the lunges pain. I used to go to that class back when I belonged to a gym, and that section killed me every. single. time. And this was back when I had horse-back rider quality legs and buns of STEEL. Seriously, you could have bounced a quarter off my butt. (Oh how times change )

Michelle- Sorry to hear school's being a pain in the tush. I hate it when they take for-freaking-ever to get back to you on things! Makes you want to rip your hair out. But a big on your loss! WTG!! No rain today, for us hopefully! I didn't bring my umbrella!
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